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Personal Vehicle Finance

Personal Vehicle finance

The Finance Procedure

We believe that getting finance should be easy.

Here at Creative we like to keep everything simple and transparent for our customers.

For you to clearly understand how we process your information in order to obtain the finance you require, we’ve detailed this in an easy to follow format.

Step 1

You make an enquiry

Step 2

We will email you, or call you back. We will do our best to give you the information you need.

Step 3

If you require indicative figures with regards to a loan we will ask if we can credit search you before we give you any figures. This is so we can provide the information that is relevant to your particular circumstances. Our search will leave a trace on your credit records.

Step 4

We will prepare a proposal and present it to the funder, advocating on your behalf and supplying any further information the underwriting team may request.

Step 5

The funder will credit search you, and this will leave a trace on your credit record. 

Step 6

We will inform you of the funder’s decision, and any conditions which must be met to get the loan, as well as: a. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR). b. The total amount payable. c. The size and timing of repayments. d. The total charge for credit (including any additional charges the borrower is required to pay).

Step 7

If we think there may be a better offer available if we approached a different funder, we will tell you. But the first funder we approach will have been the one that we originally expected to give you the best offer. However, we will never pressurise you to enter any agreement.

Step 8

If the funder rejects your application, we will advise you if we think there is another funder who may make an offer. In that case, we will repeat steps 5-8.

Step 9

Before you sign the agreement, we will explain to you the rate of interest and how interest charges are calculated. We will also explain details of other charges, for example in the event of a default, or rebates in the case of early settlement, and give you an opportunity to reflect upon how this commitment may impact you.

Step 10

We will arrange to sign finance documents with you and obtain proof of identification as required.

Step 11

Upon signing the agreement, we will request that the funds be released to the supplier or into your bank account as soon as possible; depending on the type of agreement.

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Personal Vehicle finance

What Makes Us Different

We are your advocates, not your judges.

We facilitate access to funding for your purchase from our wide panel.

We believe that financing a specialist vehicle is about much more than just finance.

Whether it’s a motorhome, a prestige car or a horsebox, we know that your purchase represents a big decision and is often a pivotal moment in your life! It’s exciting but it can also be daunting.