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Commercial Finance

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Commercial loans are typically used to fund major capital expenditures or cover operational costs that a company may otherwise be unable to afford.

Development Loans

This is a short-term loan that covers the cost of building or renovating residential or commercial properties. Development finance can provide up to 100% of the land and construction costs, depending on the project and the borrower's experience.

Bridging Finance

Well, OK it’s not really got anything to do with bridges. It’s a short-term loan that bridges the gap between the purchase of a property and the sale of another, or the completion of a development project. Bridging finance can be used to secure a property quickly, fund refurbishment works, or release equity from an existing asset.

Secured Loans

Backed by collateral, such as property, vehicles, or other assets, secured loans typically have lower interest rates and longer repayment periods than unsecured loans, which do not require any collateral.