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Frequently Asked Questions

Some funders prefer perfect credit history, some funders are looking for near perfect, some not so perfect, and some target higher risk business. You are commissioning us as a broker to find the funder that wants to do business with you. We will never credit search you without your permission. However, if you ask us to approach a funder on your behalf it may be necessary for us to credit search you in order to select the funder that’s right for you, so by instructing us you must agree to our privacy notice that we do have permission to search you, otherwise we simply couldn’t do that job for you properly. The funder themselves will also credit search you, and this would be for nothing if we’d pitched it to the wrong underwriting team. In some limited circumstances it may be possible to do a ‘soft’ credit check, which will not show up on your credit history, and we will inform you if that is the case.

We will make every effort to pitch your business to a funder that will meet your objectives in the most appealing way. However, sometimes that means we will try a funder who we feel is likely to take your business – but is not certain to. If you are rejected by the first funder we approach, then using the feedback we receive from that funder, we hone our pitch and make as sure as we possibly can that the next funder we approach will take you, providing you agree. This is because we do not want to leave a long trail of credit searches and declined proposals in your credit history.

Typically thirty to ninety days, but funders usually reserve the right to withdraw any offer at any time prior to acceptance.

Our group is comprised of Creative Funding Solutions Limited, which is FCA registered and handles both business and consumer broking, and Creative Funding Ltd, which funds unregulated business. Nobody except employees and agents of our group will have access to your details, and we do not sell information to anyone. The only exception is the rather obvious necessity to inform a funder who their potential customer is, and what their proposal is, so that they may make a decision based on the individual circumstances of each case. You have the right to restrict data processing, object to it, and to withdraw consent for it, amongst others – see our full privacy notice here.

You will usually be able to terminate a finance agreement early, however in such cases consumers receive a statutory minimum rebate, according to the length of term and interest payable left in the deal, whereas business customers will find that the advantages of settling early are themselves minimal.